4​:​20am in Denver (Shots Fired)

by Kontrast & Fo Chief

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First taste. PROMO ONLY.


(Fo Chief)
Yeah these dreams turn to legacies
My open book just tells a story usin A to Z
From Z to A and everything between it, scenic pics
Is what I paint, a slab of paint it hides the genius
(All right)
They pushin' buttons that they never should
Let's face it, I do this better than you ever could
Yeah... quit all that whining with that pussy shit
You know exactly what a motherfuckin' pussy gets
Yeah so keep claiming on your tough voucher
'Cause honestly I done heard about enough out 'cha
Stay in ya lane whatever trail it may be
And if you got a fuckin' problem you could say it to me (Yeah)...
That goes for everybody, yeah my sight's clear
Say my name and I'll be Candyman, I'm right there
I hear you chatterin' I put that shit to sleep
Then I jumped up in ya dream and turned that bitch to a nightmare
Peek a boo, I'll be outside in ya cherokee
Waitin' for you to take a piss then it's up the cherry tree
I'll break in, put you under some sed-di-dation,
I'll wrap you up in that bubble tape and tape it...
Then I'll beat the ish outta you 'till you shakin',
Take me some pictures and save it
Exposin' these sissy boys is my favorite...
If you could keep up then try, cause I ain't lookin' back,
Get ya weight up or die,
Skippin’ that chicken scratch

This is a dark forest,
And all these people are porous,
They done caught too many holes from the bullets passing before us
So they're holey now,
I mean for real, dog, they're holy now,
They're gonna need a prayer just to will their God to hold me down,
I'm racin' off the Blue Dream and the Golden Goat
These two colors make my true colors come like holy smoke...
Shoulda seen it comin', brother here's your only hope,
Bitches turn a blind eye like a phony scope,
...I'm sick of all the complaining
And so they try to mark the target
But wouldn't know where to aim it
So I push it past the margin
I swear to God it's a shame when
Niggas play around in games that they couldn't picture my frame in,
I'm a BEAST you couldn't stop,
And I'm a rock, just to let you know
I'm stirring up this pot
And I don't stop for no stepping stones...
...I'm a rock just to let you know
I'm stirring up this pot
And I won't stop until my breath is gone,
People jackin' up the scene like some bad actors,
Little pieces of the puzzle turn to sad fragments,
Dog, check up on ya paws 'fore you bat practice,
I'll wrap ya wounds in your "gaws," (gauze)
Cause you're swag backwards,
Uh....I done made some different arrangements
So all you haters can leave and I don't care bout who you came wit, nigga...
Watch me paint a metaphor
Or better 5, for you and your
Hater drive
Better off, saying I,
Never lost
When and why do these people wanna just show the tension?
How these niggas stayin' fly when there's no ascension?
How these niggas gettin' by? Cause there's no prevention,
They shapeshift and wonder why they don't grow dimension,
They wasted, seed is dry, they don't grow to mention,
A facelift, needed by all this blown convention,
....so what it really all mean is that my city all seen
all the dreams that they're known to mention,
Don't scream pity,
When I stop, I'ma spot for ya,
You can look me up the block, who gon' pop for ya?..
"What up, Doc?," air it out for the block corner,
My league is Paramount to rookies,
So they pop Warner.


released March 19, 2013
Cuts by DJ R Skwared
Recorded and Mixed by Role Pley of 2MX2



all rights reserved